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The Journal of Family & Reproductive Health (JFRH) is the quarterly official journal of Vali–e–Asr Reproductive Health Research Center. This journal features fulllength, peerreviewed papers reporting original research, clinical case histories, review articles, as well as opinions and debates on topical issues. Papers published cover the scientific and medical aspects of reproductive physiology and pathology including genetics, endocrinology, andrology, embryology, gynecologic urology, fetomaternal medicine, oncology, infectious disease, public health, nutrition, surgery, menopause, family planning, infertility, psychiatry–psychology, demographic modeling, perinatalogy–neonatolgy ethics and social issues, and pharmacotherapy. A high scientific and editorial standard is maintained throughout the journal along with a regular rate of publication.

Vol 9, No 3 (September 2015)

Table of Contents

Original Articles

The Effect of Educational Intervention based on BASNEF Model on Decreasing the Cesarean Section Rate among Pregnant Women in Khomain County PDF XML
Zohreh Arefi, Davod Hekamatpou, Mohammad ali Orouji, Zahra Shaahmadi, Giti Khushemehri, Faramarz Shaahmadi Pages: 101-105
G-CSF Intrauterine for Thin Endometrium, and Pregnancy Outcome PDF XML
Ensieh Tehraninejad, Fateme Davari Tanha, Ebrahim Asadi, Koorosh Kamali, Elham Aziminikoo, Elahe Rezayof Pages: 107-112
The Relationship between Maternal Vitamin D Deficiency and Low Birth Weight Neonates PDF XML
Nasrin Khalessi, Majid Kalani, Mehdi Araghi, Zahra Farahani Pages: 113-117
Clarification of Safe Delivery by Iranian Experts Based on Clinical Governance: A Qualitative Study PDF XML
Forozun Olfati, Saeid Asefzadeh, Nasrin Changizi, Masud Yonesian, Afsaneh Keramat Pages: 119-124
Comparison of Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood Selenium Levels in Low and Normal Birth Weight Neonates PDF XML
Lyly Nazemi, Mamak Shariat, Maryam Chamari, Reza Chahardoli, Leila Asgarzadeh, Fariba Seighali Pages: 125-128
Induced Abortion Practices in an Urban Indian Slum: Exploring Reasons, Pathways and Experiences PDF XML
Deepanjali Behera, Shalini Bharat, Nilesh Chandrakant Gawde Pages: 129-135
Frequency of “Nursing Strike” among 6-Month-Old Infants, at East Tehran Health Center and Contributing Factors PDF XML
Fatemeh Nayyeri, Farima Raji, Edith Haghnazarian, Mamak Shariat, Hosein Dalili Pages: 137-140
Fixed versus Flexible Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Antagonist Protocol in Controlled Ovarian Stimulation for Invitro Fertilization in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PDF XML
Batool Hossein Rashidi, Tahereh Behrouzi Lak, Ensiyeh Shahrokh Tehrani, Fatemeh Davari Tanha Pages: 141-146