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Umbilical Cord Hematoma and Uterine Torsion: Rare Pregnancy Complications at Tu Du Hospital in Vietnam and Review of Literature


Objective: Umbilical cord hematoma and uterine torsion are extremely rare complications in pregnancy. However, these should not be neglected in clinical practice in condition of abnormal fetal heart monitoring without others suspects. We hereby report rare case of umbilical cord hematoma and uterine torsion as well as review the literature. Through this report, we aim to mention on an available tool to investigate spontaneous umbilical cord hematoma on fetal well-being in such a case.
Case report: A women aged 35 years old (G1P0) admitted to our hospital for term gestation with uncomplicated pregnancy, except large uterine fibroid accompanied with cervical pessary. Then, an uncommon complication of umbilical cord hematoma was revealed accidentally upon cesarean section. Particularly, this dramatic event was happened along with an asymptomatic uterine torsion noticed at the same time. Preoperative diagnosis of two rare complications was missed, hence, we extracted timely baby based on another modality of management, computerized cardiotocography.
Conclusion: Umbilical cord hematoma along with uterine torsion is difficult to diagnosis due to its rarity. Moreover, no available tool could investigate umbilical cord hematoma prior to delivery. Surveillance on fetal heart rate monitoring may be helpful in this situation.

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