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Comparative Analytical Study of Dinoprostone Gel and Hyaluronidase Injection for Induction of Labour in Term Primigravida in Tertiary Rural Medical Centre of Western Uttar Pradesh


Objective: To compare the efficacy of intracervical dinoprostone gel and hyaluronidase injection for induction of labour in term primigravida.
Materials and methods: This is a hospital based analytical prospective interventional study conducted in a rural tertiary care centre over a period of 18 months.  A total of 70 patients who required induction of labour for one or another reason with Bishop score of less than 6 were included in the study. All the cases were randomly divided into two groups, Group A received dinoprostone gel and Group B received hyaluronidase injection. Chi square test & unpaired T test were applied for statistical analysis.
Results: Time interval from induction to active phase of labour was comparatively shorter in group A than in group B (10.74 ± 6.17 vs 15.94 ± 7.1) and the difference was significant (p= 0.001). Time interval from induction to delivery time was comparatively shorter in group A than group B (14.84 ± 8.86 vs 21.33 ± 7.86) and difference was significant (P= 0.009). Maternal complications were more common in group A as compared to group B.
Conclusion: This study showed that labour could be accelerated significantly by intracervical injection of hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase injection has less maternal and fetal side-effects as compared to dinoprostone gel and can be a good choice for induction of labour.

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Induction of Labour Dinoprostone Gel Intracervical Hyaluronidase Injection Bishop Score

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