Impact of Spouse's Opiate Dependence on the Partner's

  • Roya Noori Mail Research Center for Substance Use and Dependency (DARIUS Institute), Welfare and Rehabilitation University, Tehran, Iran
  • Hassan Rafiey Research Center for Substance Use and Dependency (DARIUS Institute), Welfare and Rehabilitation University, Tehran, Iran
  • Laila Solaimani-nia Research Center for Substance Use and Dependency (DARIUS Institute), Welfare and Rehabilitation University, Tehran, Iran
  • Hooman Narenjiha Research Center for Substance Use and Dependency (DARIUS Institute), Welfare and Rehabilitation University, Tehran, Iran
  • Shervin Assari Medicine and Health Promotion Institute, Tehran, Iran
  • Maryam Moghani Lankarani Medicine and Health Promotion Institute, Tehran, Iran
Opiate, Opiate dependents, Partners, Spouse, Sexual function, Intercourse


Objective: We aimed to evaluate the influence of drug dependency on sexual function of wives of opium addicts.Materials and methods: In a cross-sectional study, 150 wives of opiate dependent men were assessed for the impact of drug addiction. Sociodemographic factors like age, educational level, job, marital duration and having child were evaluated. Sexual function was measured using relationship and sexuality scale (RSS). Results: Approximately 73% of the participitants were sexually active with having at least one intercourse in the last 2 weeks, and approximately half of the participitants had unsatisfied intercourse. About ninety percent reported negative effect of the addiction on their sexual life. After the spouse addiction, sexual desire, ability to reach orgasm and frequency of sexual intercourse were decreased in 73%, 64% and 67.3%, respectively. Conclusion: The wives of opiate addicts believe that their sexual function has been impaired by the addiction of their husbands.


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