Family Stressors as the Cause of Rehospitalization in Psychotic Disorders

  • Victoria Omranifard Mail 1-Psychiatric department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran 2-Behavioral Science
  • Mohsen Yazdani Nursing faculty, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
  • Mohammad Yaghoubi Psychiatric department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
  • Mahshid Namdari Medicine and Health Promotion Institute, Tehran, Iran
Psychosis, Psychotic disorders, Psychiatric readmission, Cause of readmission, Family issues


Objective: This study aimed to describe attributors of family stressors which cause rehospitalizations in patients with psychotic disorders.Materials and methods: In a cross sectional study (during 2006-7) 203 randomly selected psychiatric readmitted patients with psychotic diagnosis and registered demographic and psychiatric clinical data were included. Family stressors as the possible cause of readmission were asked through a structured interview by the psychiatrist.Results: Family factors were reported as a cause in 132 (60.6%) cases. Poor family support (n=88; 43.3%) and family conflict (n=58; 28.6%) were the two most prevalent family stressors, respectively. Bivariate analysis showed that admission due to family issues was different among men and women (79.1% vs. 38.7%, respectively p<0.001) and according to job situation (p<0.001), and literacy (p=0.036). According to logistic regression, gender (men) was the only predictor of admission due to family issues (OR=5.989, CI=3.220-11.141, p<0.001).Conclusion: Family factors are prevalent causes of return to hospital in patients with psychotic disorders, and this is more prevalent in men. An approach to decrease the marital stressors is needed in patients with psychotic disorders. In this approach, increasing family support and decreasing family conflict are essential.


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