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Translation, Linguistic Validation, and Cultural Adaptation of the Bladder Cancer Index (BCI) Questionnaire Into the Persian (Farsi) Language and Comparing it With WHO Quality of Life Questionnaire: An Observational Study


Objective: Whether ileal conduit diversion (ICD) or orthotopic neobladder (ONB) urinary diversion provides better quality of life (QoL) is still under debate. The Bladder Cancer Index (BCI) is a specific tool for bladder cancer (BCa) patients, providing reliable results in previous studies. A validated Farsi version of the BCI concerning cultural aspects could help Farsi-speaking clinicians gain more reliable feedback on QoL following urinary diversion.
Materials and methods: Based on WHO suggestions, we translated the BCI questionnaire into the Persian language. Then, we performed a cross-sectional study on BCa patients who underwent ICD or ONB urinary diversion. We compared their QoL via BCI and WHO questionnaires. Chi-square and independent t-tests were used where appropriate.
Results: The content validity ratio and the content validity indexes were 1 and 0.8-1.0, respectively. Of 57 participants, six patients (10.5%) were women. The ICD was performed for 38 (66.7%) and ONB diversion for 19 (33.3) participants. The mean age of ICD and ONB was 68.71 ± 7.40 and 64.28 ± 8.34 years, respectively (p-value: 0.055). In all sub-domains of BCI, except bowel habits, the mean scores were higher in the ICD group. A significant difference between ICD and ONB groups was found regarding urinary function (p-value<0.001). There was no significant difference between ICD and ONB groups in none of the domains of the WHO questionnaire.
Conclusion: The QoL of ICD and ONB patients did not differ significantly. Even ICD may be superior in ritual purification, while the psychological status of ONB patients was better.


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