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Laparoscopic Hysterosacropexy: Is it a Safe Option for Fertility Spearing?


Objective: In case of uterine prolapse, hyseroxacropexy, a conservative surgical approach, which allows the sparing of body image and sexuality, could be the choice in fertile women. Few information are reported on subsequent pregnancy after surgery.
Case report: A 33 years-old women with symptomatic prolapse underwent a laparoscopic hysterosacropexy. Subsequently she expressed her pregnancy desire and she got pregnant. A scheduled caesarean section was performed without complication. The subsequent follow-up was regular: the patient was asymptomatic and presented no sign of prolapse recurrence.
Conclusion: In motivate and well counselled patient, informed about the risk of prolapse recurrence, pregnancy could be considered after hysterosacropexy.

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