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Sexual Dysfunction Evaluation in Candidal Balanoposthitis: A Single Centred Observational Study


Objective: A common genito-urinary infection known as Balanoposthitis presents with mild symptoms like itching or severe complications such as phimosis, ulceration of glans, and foreskin. It can result in four types of sexual dysfunction including Disorder of sexual desire, Disorder of erectile dysfunction, Disorder of satisfaction/premature ejaculation, and Disorder of orgasm.
Materials and methods: An observational clinic study including 50 patients diagnosed with Candidal Balanoposthitis based on KOH and clinical findings were recruited and evaluated for sexual function using a standardised questionnaire.
Results: The results demonstrated that sexual dysfunction in patients with Candidal Balanoposthitis is a common entity encountered in STI clinics and should be addressed properly as any deficiency in any aspect of sexual health of a patient can lead to emotional and psychological disability impacting the overall quality of the life. The factors like advanced age, Diabetes Mellitus, and poor hygiene measures of genitalia can increase the incidence of candidal Balanoposthitis as well as sexual dysfunction.
Conclusion: Candidal Balanoposthitis, a common cause of sexual dysfunction in elderly population takes a toll on emotional and psychological health and certain modifiable factors like diabetic control and hygiene can prevent recurrent fungal infections.

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Balanoposthitis Candida Albicans Sexual Dysfunction

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