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Estradiol, Immune-Protective Function and COVID-19: Correspondence


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1. Zangeneh FZ, Shoushtari MS. Estradiol and COVID19: Does 17-Estradiol Have an Immune-Protective Function in Women Against Coronavirus? J Family Reprod Health 2021; 15: 150-9.
2. Seth S, Sharma R, Mishra P, Solanki HK, Singh M, Singh M. Role of short-term estradiol supplementation in symptomatic postmenopausal COVID-19 females:A randomized controlled trial. J Mid-life Health 2021; 12: 211-8.
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4. Joob B, Wiwanitkit V. Blood viscosity of COVID-19 patient: a preliminary report. Am J Blood Res 2021; 11:
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Estradiol COVID immune

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