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Exploring Women’s Health Information Needs During Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study


Objective: Pregnant women need health information to ensure their health and to have a healthy delivery. Therefore, equipping them with adequate information can bring desired health outcomes for them and their fetus. The present study was conducted to explore health information needs of women during pregnancy. Materials and methods: The present research was a qualitative study. Thirty-nine participants (pregnant women, midwives, and obstetricians) were selected through purposeful sampling in Isfahan from June to November 2016. Data were collected through in-depth face-to-face semi-structured interviews, daily notes and field notes.
Results: Data analysis led to emergence of ten sub-categories including: "common complaints during pregnancy", "problems and complications in pregnancy", "factors affecting fetal health", "proper nutrition and take supplements during pregnancy", "sex during pregnancy", "exercise during pregnancy", "diagnostic tests in pregnancy", "fetal growth and development", "types of childbirth and preparation for delivery" and "baby care and breastfeeding" and finally the main category was the "health information needs".
Conclusion: Regarding the health information requests of pregnant women, their needs should be identified and taken into consideration when planning educational programs for this group of women.

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Information Needs Health Information-Seeking Pregnant Women Qualitative Study

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