Journal of Family and Reproductive Health 2017. 11(1):24-29.

Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate, Insulin Resistance and Ovarian Volume Estimation in Patients With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Chrysi Christodoulaki, Eftihios Trakakis, Vasilios Pergialiotis, Periklis Panagopoulos, Charalampos Chrelias, Dimitrios Kassanos, Dimos Sioutis, Nikolaos Papantoniou, Dimitrios Xirofotos


Objective: To investigate the potential association of DHEA-S with metabolic and hormonal alterations and with disorders of ovarian morphology.
Materials and methods: The present study was based on women with PCOS that attended the Gynaecological Endocrinology – Paediatric and Adolescence Endocrinology Department of our clinic. Overall, 321 patients who met the Rotterdam ESHRE/ ASRM – Sponsored criteria for the definition of PCOS were included. Women’s personal medical history was recorded, anthropometric parameters were assessed and blood was drawn for analysis of metabolic and hormonal parameters. A gynaecological ultrasound was also performed to evaluate ovarian morphology.
Results: Correlation analysis revealed a significant negative correlation of DHEA-S with the mean volume of the right and left ovary and with the maximum volume of the largest ovary. This finding remained significant after adjusting for age and BMI (β ± SE = -0.39 ± 0.17, p = 0.023 in the case of mean ovarian volume and β ± SE = -0.36 ± 0.17, p = 0.032 in the case of the maximum volume of the maximum ovarian volume).
Conclusion: The findings of our study reveal a clear negative association of DHEA-S with ovarian volume. To date, however, current evidence in this field are restricted to experimental animal models. Future clinical studies are needed in this field to corroborate our findings.


DHEA-S; PCOS; Ovary; Androgens; Ovarian Volume

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